Do you have arrangements for stay of parents at campus?

No, we do not allow parents to stay on campus, as it disrupts the scholar’s schedule.

What is the security arrangement in the girls’ hostel?

Girls’ hostel has a lady warden who takes care of the girls and their security. Girls cannot leave the hostel premises without permission of the warden. Boys are not allowed to enter the girls’ hostel. No male guest can enter the girl’s room.

Is there any other mode of communication?

The students are allowed to send emails under supervision and letter writing is compulsory once a fortnight.

Do you allow children to call their parents on phone ?

The children are allowed to call their parents with permission only.

How frequently parents can meet or call their wards?

The school has its Hostel Rules and the parents can call or meet their wards as per schedule. Copy of hostel rules can be obtained from the school. Call/meeting other than the schedule can be done only with prior permission from the Principal.

Are fruits and milk provided?

Yes, seasonal fruits and milk are provided every day. All meals have green vegetables and pulses. Sweet dish is provided daily during dinner.

What sort of drinking water is provided?

We have Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters for the children.

Do the students get separate rooms?

No, there are no separate rooms for every scholar. The shared rooms are spacious, with attached toilets, which can accommodate 3-10 scholars.

Do you have separate hostels for boys & girls ?

Yes, we do have separate hostels for boys & girls.

What facilities you have in your hostels ?

The hostels are centrally air-conditioned. There is a separate study area for boarders of each group. Both boarding houses have comfortable Common rooms where spare time in the evening can be spent playing Table tennis, scrabble, chess, listening to music, watching a video or television or browsing through newspapers and periodicals.