House Systems

The house system is a traditional feature of a school.Sanskriti…. The School believes to imbibe values like co-operation, honesty, victory in students through houses. The house system and house competition build community spirit and leadership skills that can be used later in their workplace.

The four houses at Sanskriti ….. The School are named after constellations which are as follows:

Ms. Astha Bhatnagar
Ms. Hema Upadhyaya

Hercules is a constellation named after Hercules, the Roman mythological hero adapted from the Greek hero Hercules.

Mr Akhilesh Inani
Ms. Neha Tandon

Orion constellation is one of the brightest and best known constellations in the night sky. The house too takes pride in working and emerges with bright colours and winners too.

Ms. Monika Goyal
Ms. Palak Singh

Pegasus House is named after the Pegasus constellation which is the seventh largest of the 88 constellations.

Ms Shiwani Sharma
Ms. Swarnjeet

Cygnus is named after a constellation which is a northern constellation, Cygnus is also identified with several different legendary swans.

As a part of the vertical house system students take part in inter house competitions where the school’s houses compete as teams against each other in various events. Points are allocated to each house at the end of every competition as students vie for the enviable position of the winning house at the end of the year having the highest position in all spheres.

Each house is led by the House Mistress/Master for a year. The Captain and Vice-Captain of each house guide their teams on all fronts and play a vital role in leading their team to victory in all events. Be it debate, quiz or sports event, students give their best to win laurels and house points. Students meet in their houses to discuss various activities. Through their house interactions students participate in faith sharing activities, mild competitions service projects and school activities that earn points for their houses.

The house system at Sanskriti… The School is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and is an integral part of or curriculum.

Key Points Regarding House Systems in Our School:
  1. House Allocation for Everyone:
    Every child and member of staff at our school is assigned to one of the four houses to provide a strong sense of belonging and support within the school community.
  2. Consistent House Membership:
    Upon joining the school, each child is placed into a specific house, and they remain a valued member of that team throughout their entire academic journey at our institution.
  3. Thrilling Sports Day Competition:
    During our annual Sports Day, the houses enthusiastically compete against each other as teams. This spirited competition fosters a sense of camaraderie and healthy rivalry among students.
  4. Prestigious House Cup:
    To recognize the efforts and achievements of our houses, a prestigious House Cup is awarded to the victorious house on Sports Day. This award celebrates teamwork, dedication, and excellence.By implementing our house system, we aim to nurture a positive and supportive environment, promote friendly competition, and encourage every student’s holistic development. Together, let’s embrace the spirit of unity and excellence within our school community!
  1. To set an example to the other children.
  2. To earn house point and encourage others to do so.
  3. To represent their house when collecting awards.
  4. To accept any cups and trophies awarded to their house.

There is a display board in the hall with photos of the captains and vice-captains, the House Emblems, picture or photos of ways to earn points, photos of events, winning entries and special achievements are also displayed.