Music School

This is a cultural, intellectual, soul stirring and creative section of the School which offers education in the field of

  • Indian Music ( Vocal and Instrumental, Classical , Semi Classical and Light Music )
  • Western Music ( Vocal , Guitar , Drums , Keyboard and Piano )

Music inculcates discipline and patience in children, enhances cultural awareness, helps to improve academic, physical and social skills, helps to build self-confidence and contributes to overall personality development, improves coordination skills in children of all age groups. By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales the children learn to divide, create fractions and recognise patterns (enhanced mathematical skills). Musical instruments teach Physics and principles of basic Science.
The Department plays a lead role in all the events and functions of the school including morning prayers in the School Assembly, patriotic songs in the Republic and Independence Day programs and the Scholars can be seen performing and showcasing their talents on every festival like Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Durga puja, Christmas, Malhaar Mahotsav, sports Days , Annual Functions of the School etc. Scholars represent the school in Music competitions at the local, State and National levels. This department has a special niche in the School and a special contribution in the glory of Sanskriti the School.