Art Gallery

<p align=”justify”>Every child is an artist, and the Art and Craft Department at Sanskriti…the School seeks to instill creativity, originality and a keen sense of perception amongst its students. We have motivated the students to learn from experience and failure and to emerge from them with a better understanding of art.
To encourage the competitive spirit among our students, we regularly conduct inter-house competitions. Those with an artistic bent of mind have their skills honed by our experts and are provided opportunities to represent the school in inter-school competitions. In fact, our students have gone right up to national level competitions.
In addition to the regular classes of Fine Arts, the department conducts club activities to bring the children in touch with their creative cultural background and to encourage innovation amongst them.

The students of Senior Section of the Fine Arts Department, showcase their creativity in different forms of art. Apart from the regular classes of making Still Life and Imaginative Composition, they also learnt Portrait Drawing, Collage Making and Cartooning, to name a few. It is a design or formed carved in relief on a block of linoleum to make prints. We also witnessed an Installation of a dead tree with scrap material, depicting resurrection.

The Craft Department works tediously to teach the aspiring students to display their creativity The students have made numerous craft articles which include macramé lamps, bags and wall hanging, straw mirror, bandarwar, photo frames made of foam, latch work, plastic mat boxes, clocks, flower panels, wall hangings and boxes decorated with papermache, letter and napkin holders and pouches, patch work, dream catchers, wall hangings, bags and lamp shade by weaving thread and aprons, bedsheets and pillow covers using the technique of tie and dye, to name a few.
The activities of the Junior section of the Fine Arts Department conducted, truly deserve an applause. They are able to produce acrylic works on canvas, charcoal drawings, collages, pen work, doodle art on tray boxes and wooden plates and optical illusions besides the crayon, poster paints and sketch pen drawings they make on a daily routine. This year, the students also learnt glass bottle decoration.

Art and Craft exhibitions are regularly held and every year the work of students is displayed. All club based art activities have a theme around which all work is centered. The school provides all the art materials necessary to facilitate these classes.</p>