School Programs

At Sanskriti,we believe in promoting a national integration policy and celebrating the richness of regional, religious, and national festivals with utmost fervor and enthusiasm.

At our school, we understand the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. That’s why we actively encourage parents to participate in various co-curricular activities throughout the year. Whether it’s celebrating Mother’s Day or Grandparents Day, we value and appreciate the support and active engagement of parents in making these events memorable and meaningful for our students.

One of the highlights of our school calendar is the annual functions, Ankur and Daksh.

These events are an integral part of our school culture, emphasizing mass participation. We believe in providing each child with an opportunity to showcase their unique talents on stage. These functions serve as a platform for our students to display their creativity, confidence, and skills, creating lasting memories for themselves and their families.

We firmly believe that the success of our school activities depends on the active involvement and participation of our entire school community. We extend our warm invitation to all parents to join us in these events, supporting and encouraging our students as they shine on stage.

By fostering a spirit of unity, inclusivity, and celebration of diversity, we aim to instill in our students a deep appreciation for their cultural heritage and a sense of national pride. Together, we create a vibrant and enriching educational environment where every child can flourish and excel.

Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated in our school with spirit and zeal befitting the occasion. The Program begins with the ceremonial raising of the national flag followed by the march past of platoons of various houses. To add flavor to the patriotic spirit the scholars take part in cultural programs. The program culminates with the distribution of sweets.