Do you admit students from India only?

No, admission at Sanskriti is open to students from India and outside India as well. At present, we already have students from Nepal and Tibet in the school. Special care is taken to ensure that International students settle down in the new culture.

My ward is studying in Class III and I got registration for Class IV for coming session. Since your session begins in April, does my ward have to appear for examination of Class III in the present school?

No, if your ward gets admission in Class IV of our School after passing entrance examination and fulfilling other formalities, he/she has not to appear for examination of class III of the present School. The same system applies to other classes also.

Do you register Scholars for admission for future years?

Yes, Registration is open for future years.

Does the School admit children of other Boards?

Yes, the School admits children from other Boards.

What is the pattern/syllabus of admission test?

Admission Test is conducted on the basis of syllabus of previous class studied. For example, for a student seeking admission in Class VI, test will be based on the course of Class V. Sample papers, if required, can be obtained from the school office.

How do I get admission in Sanskriti ?

Parents desiring to admit their students in Sanskriti have to obtain Admission form from the school office. Admission form can also be downloaded from the school website. Admission form duly filled in will have to be submitted to the school office along with the registration fees. After registration, the ward is called for an admission test in English, Hindi and Math. No admission test is conducted for admission in lower school.