Date(s) - 18/08/2022
8:00 am - 1:30 pm

18th August, 2022
The festival of Janmashtami was celebrated by the pre primary scholars of L1-J2 on 18th August, 2022 with mirth and joy. A splendid colourful program was organised by the scholars and mentors where the scholars presented scintillating dance performances that represented Lord Krishna’s ‘Leelas’ and depicted the importance of the occasion.
The scholars came beautifully dressed up as Lord Krishna, Radha, Gopis and Gwalas. With their laudable performances, the scholars lighted up the stage and mesmerized the audience. A beautiful ‘JHANKI’ of Lord Krishna in a cradle was decorated which provided an ethereal backdrop. There was a ‘HANDI’ hanging at the centre of the venue for the ‘MATKI PHOD’ event which took place with much fanfare, joy and festive spirit. In all, the programme was enjoyed by all and it ended with the ‘Aarti’ and distribution of ‘Prasad’.