“AROUND THE WORLD” Morning Assembly (J3C) – AUSTRALIA 

Date(s) - 28/11/2022
8:00 am - 8:30 am


Morning Assembly (J3C) – AUSTRALIA 

28th November, 2022

The scholars of level J3C brightened up the cold Monday morning of 28th November, 2022 by presenting an assembly on the vibrant and diverse country of Australia under the British Council Activity – ‘Around the World: Culture in Multitudes’. 

They showcased information through facts and charts about the country, its people, its rich history, its varied flora and fauna, its currency, government and a few famous personalities as well. They kept the assembly crisp, yet full of new knowledge delivered in an interesting manner. They achieved their aim of being informative yet entertaining. The assembly concluded with Headmistress ma’am sharing her inspiring thoughts with the scholars of J3-J5.