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  • Sanskriti...The school proudly announces West Zone Rifle Shooting from 02 October to 05 October 2018
  • Sanskriti...The school proudly announces West Zone Rifle Shooting from 02 October to 05 October 2018

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Chairman's Message

Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers,

Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees,

Where the vision is eternity, cultivate youth.


            Everyone has dreams and without dedication dreams are like a body without soul. when dreams turn into reality it makes a mark on time.



            This school is an embodiment of hopes, pleasure and aspirations ever felt. An enabling environment, careful nurturing and a spring board for meaningful blossoming, honing and effective use of unbound talents. We aim at unleashing, un-paralleled, innovative ideas of Sanskritians.  Our motto is quality not quantity.



            Life is a ‘Karmshala’- where one works hard, experiences and learns in one or the other way. What makes the life successful and contented is none other than the capability to have an insight to look deep into our quality that is attained by the strong foundation of education. Education does not confine to the state of the art infrastructure, well furnished labs, well stacked libraries or the equipment. It goes beyond books and bricks, builds character, enriches minds in a manner so as to prepare the scholars to face the challenges of this complex world, making them fit for the real and corporate world automatically and naturally. One cannot remain complacent in this ever growing world of knowledge.



            There is no doubt that in order to enhance performance, to build potential and to face the frequent changes, we have created an environment that enables our scholars as well as group talents making learning an enriching experience that lasts forever.



            In addition to educational brilliance, “Sanskriti…The School” is dedicated to bring in strong moral values, honesty, civility, benevolence and reverence for elders in all scholars.



            Lastly wish to share another notion, “Many are born on the earth’s surface but great are those with morality, so be the harvests of earth’s sweat and love, show the heaven that what you are made of ….”



Remember !


            “The character is the Backbone, Feeling is the Heart, Dedication is the Precision, Courage is the will. Above all Discipline is the Body, then knowledge is of work.”


            “Sanskriti…The School” is my dream and I am whole heartedly dedicated to take it to the heights of excellence.



                                                                                                                                                                   S. R. Goyal