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Knowledge is like a stream
Full of wishes and dreams

Helping us to realign our potentials

And turning us into evolved individuals

Before we begin our learning

Our minds are tossing and turning

Ltching to be in use

And no remain unfocused and confused.

Knowledge is the world we are shown

Where no one is angry, upset or alone

So, let not this go to the mightier or the stronger one,

Coz it’s the right of everyone.

Avni Jain

Today is Yours


Today is yours;

      Don’t wait till tomorrow,

To search out and glow;

       To learn something interesting,

      You didn’t know.

Don’t wait till tomorrow’

      To find ways to share,

To make a new friend;

      To really show that you care.

Don’t wait till tomorrow;

      To follow your heart,

To savour the beauty;

      That life imparts.

Don’t wait till tomorrow;

      To let yourself start,

Take time to do it today’

      And do it with all your heart.


Harsh Gupta (U1-A)



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Anger is the most dangerous experession,

It comes because of frustration,

It is the worst emotion,

and can break a relation.

According to a case,

It is the reason for the wrinkles on you face,

It is the root cause of blood pressure

and can ruin life’s pleasure.

So, please beware of anger

because it is the brother of danger.

Control your anger

and then you will see what all you can conquer.


Pawan Kumar & Sourabh Jain


I’d like to change

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If given a chance

To make some change

I would like to change my age

And again return to childhood stage


I would again like to be a part of those years

When we had no sadness and no tears

I would again like to go in those years

When everyone used to care for us and we had no fears


I know, its impossible to make such a change

But still, I want to go back to my childhood stage



Sourabh Jain

God, Please give me some height


God, you are so right,

With your might

But, you forgot doing one thing right

You didn’t think about my height !


Didn’t you go to sleep last night ?

Or you used the quality of material light

Give me some quality height

And I will know your almight


God, you are so right,

With your might

Please give me some quality height


Himanshu Mudgal

Two People In One


Two people in one,

one happy, one sad;

Two sides of me,

one mad and one glad.


There’s only one side,

I try to let show;

My feelings inside,

The others don’t know.


I’am two people in one,

As strange as that sounds;

The real me inside,

No one has found.


-Bhavika Chablani

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