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Collage Competition



It is often said that the best work that can be produced by people is through teamwork. You sit in a group and share your talent and imagination with the others and what emerges is a combination of multi-artistic perfection. The inter level collage competition of the lower school reflected the innovative creations of the junior scholars where the topics of ’shapes’ and ’Christmas’ were tackled with much enthusiasm and excitement.


Unique pictures of houses, animals, trees and people were cut and pasted using shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles and circles as the bases. Christmas of course was a topic that gave everyone an opportunity to be colorful and glittery. A roly-poly Santa fluffed up with a white beard and moustache, Christmas trees decorated with stars, bells, gift boxes, reindeers, sleds, baby Jesus in a manger and a fairy at the top were cut, drawn, colored and stuck into a psychedelic collage.


The evidence of the artistic genius of the junior section is still on display in their classrooms.



Knowledge is like a stream

Full of wishes & dreams

Helping us to realign our potentials

And turning us into evelved individuals


Before we begin our Learning

Our minds are tossing and turning

Iching to be in use

And not remain unfocused and confused.


Knowledge is the world we arre shown

Where no one is angry, upset or alone

So, let not this go to the mightier or the stronger one, coz

It’s the right of everyone.




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It is the ability that lies dormant deep

within ourselves. It is the quality of spirit that enables us to face danger or pain without showing fear.

There is a popular saying:

It takes courage to answer a call

It takes courage togive your all

It takes courage to risk your name

and most importantly, is takes courage to be true.

Importance of Women


Women are an important and essential part of this society. Women have contributed largely in the development of our society and have made us proud. They are performing and excelling in every field be it sports, enterainment or in holding high posts in well known institutions. Rather, women today have left men far behind with their immense potential and an attitude of hard work.

However, this was not the same in old times. Women were considered almost insignificant in front of men and were thought to be a weaker and dependent part of our society. They had no say in the development of the society. They had no say in the development of the society and were exploited quiet badly. Education for women was considered a taboo and they were forced to learn household works and get married at an early age.

From that ancient world to the modernized one, women have come a long way and have taken pains and strived hard to emerge a a powerful section of the society. Today’s woman has become strong, independent and has learnt to fight for her right.

Women of this century is confident of herself and knows how to show her capabilities. The women of today are not confined within the four walls of the house, but are brave and bold enough to face this world.


Arooshi Dani





Fantasy fiction is big business, and many authors are trying hard to break in. The burning question on all their lips is, “How did JK Rowling do it?” And the answer to that is pretty simple. She gave the readers what they wanted.

1. Kids like chaos… but only a bit of it.

The Hogwarts school set up in the Harry Potter books is perfect. Kids love the idea of being away from the comfort of home, but are also deeply attracted to a sense of stability and find too much chaos too scary to contemplate. Being in a school situation is something they can relate to, and adding the -magic- element adds the necessary frisson of excitement that takes it just far enough out of the ordinary. The fact that the magic school is a cliche long used and abused in fantasy fiction, and lampooned successfully by Terry Pratchett, goes straight over the heads of the bulk of HP readers, purely because the target audience is too young to recognise the antecedents.

2. Kids like adults to be larger than life… but not all the time Read the rest of this entry »

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