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  • Sanskriti...The school proudly announces West Zone Rifle Shooting from 02 October to 05 October 2018
  • Sanskriti...The school proudly announces West Zone Rifle Shooting from 02 October to 05 October 2018

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Computer club  We at Sanskriti are making every effort to keep abreast with the latest trend in the  global world of ICT. We encourage our scholars to work on the cognitive, psychomotor and effective domains involving the scholars in keeping pace with the latest in technology, making them tech savvy and generating inquisitiveness about technology which is growing at a fast pace.

Mathematics club
The club is determined to design models, charts and teaching aids in such a way that it looks interesting and easy to understand. 2D and 3D working models assisting in finding out the angle of elevation and depression, tricks to find area of polygon etc. it all helps in come out of math phobia. 

English club
English club trains and nurtures the scholars in the art of public speaking and makes them good orators. The fear of stage is overcome by conducting various speaking skills like debates, recitations, extempore and dramatics.

Science Club
Science club
Working models depicting all the principles and theories pulls a lot of crowd towards the annual exhibition. Scholars of Science club explain the functioning of hydraulic breaks, magnetic cranes, submarines and rockets. 
Social Science club
The social science club showcase exhibits and charts covering topics from History as well as Geography. Harappan and Egyptian civilizations are recreated by means of models depicting great bath, utensils, clay toys, and mummy fiction etc. that give a glimpse of the society of those times. Apart from this, the history section of the social science displays clothes and ornaments worn by the people of Harappan civilization.

Craft club
The craft club has a wide range of hand made articles right from small ones like pen holders to bigger ones like bed sheets. There is a variety of wall hangings on display in the form of hanging letter holders, jute wheels, organdy flowers, arranged as wall hangings, sand paintings etc.
The toddlers are also adding their hand to add creativity,which is evident in the photograph below.
The Craft Studio
                         Art Club   

The newest addition to the annual exhibition of Sanskriti…The School is the Commerce Club. All the visitors for the exhibition had only good words to say for the eye-catching exhibits and models. The exhibition’s main attractions were the models constructed with thermocol and chart paper and buildings, which were made of glass pieces.

Art Club
The Art and Craft Studio is a sight to  behold! This is where all Sanskritians hone their artistic genius and create magic with mediums like paint, ink clay and even bread! Visitors can be  privy to some awe- inspiring creations  that are tastefully laid out on custom-made shelves and hanging on the walls.